Amarinthe Lux

Elven Bard


Neutral good.
Age: 124
Height: 5’9"
Bronze skin (darker than most elves) and almond brown hair. One bright blue eye and one rich gold eye.


Nearly human coloring has allowed her to fit into human society without much fuss, though her distinct eyes scare most people. Raised among humans, she radiates a profound sadness – she’s buried her adoptive parents and lost her mortal lover. His broken lute was found on the beach after a fierce tempest, and she is convinced he’s dead. She would do anything to bring him back.

She is a scholar of languages, religion, and history. A keen observer, she’s quick to sense others’ motives and manipulate them into giving her what she needs. A fidgeter, she has picked up a number of minor tricks and illusions (and occasionally more nefarious sleight of hand).

More than anything, she is a captivating singer, tending more to shrink a room by drawing individuals’ focus than fill it up with a wild performance. Where other bards specialize in bawdy songs, ribaldry, or comedy, she specializes in arcane battle hymns, tales of mythical heroes, and forlorn ballads of love. Her rich alto voice can break men’s hearts or inspire them to greatness.

Amarinthe Lux

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